Urban Park graffito

An important graffito was uncovered on the marble surround of the long pool in the Urban Park in 2016. The in-situ slab was part of the inner step of the pool’s south perimeter. The text at the top is prefaced by a cross and reads: ‘Kolotron, head gold-worker (protaurarios), whom God shall remember’. The text is accompanied by two engraved frontal busts of athletes, one (left) wearing an elaborate victor’s crown and a much larger bust (right) of a thick-necked boxer or wrestler. This athlete has a single lock of hair emerging from his otherwise clean-shaven head – this was the hairstyle of the professional heavy athlete (cirrus in vertice). Kolotron is known from a similar seat inscription in the Theatre. The text should belong in the 6th century AD.

Found at: Urban Park