Dionysos and Satyr Groups

The large (over life-size) statue represents a satyr standing on tiptoe and carrying the child Dionysos on his raised left arm and a throwing stick in his right hand. The satyr is nude, with a goatskin draped over his left upper arm to cushion the infant divinity; his head turns up to grin at Dionysos. The divine child seems to have been grasping the satyr’s hair: traces of the child’s fingers are preserved on the left side of the satyr’s head. The small version of a satyr carrying the baby Dionysos is of same design, detail, and technique as the ‘Large Satyr’ but at approximately half the size. Both were found in the Sculptor’s Workshop. The statue composition is known in yet another even smaller version at Aphrodisias and in another large version found on the Esquiline Hill in Rome, which bears the signature of one Flavius Zeno from Aphrodisias.