Site conservation projects have been carried out in recent years on the Bouleuterion, Temple-Church, Bishop’s Palace, Stadium, and most notably in the Hadrianic Bath complex, made possible by a six-year grant from The World Monuments Fund® Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve our Heritage (2011-16).

Current site conservation includes extensive work in the Tetrapylon Street, where the street paving is undergoing repair, and in the Urban Park, where the sensitive marble perimeter of the excavated pool is being conserved (See: Mica and Ahmet Ertegün South Agora Pool Project).

Current marble conservation is focused on a series of mythological reliefs, portrait busts and heads, and imperial portrait statues that will be installed in a new space museum spaces constructed inside the existing courtyard of the Aphrodisias Museum. The reliefs came from the Basilica and basin in front of the Propylon of Diogenes. The portrait busts and head date from the first to sixth century. And the heavily fragmented imperial statues came from the Sebasteion Propylon. The project is sponsored by Lucien Arkas.