Aphrodite Pediment

Within an arched frame consisting of an elaborate cornice decorated with acanthus scrolls, Aphrodite is represented in high relief sitting on a half-shell at sea. The shell is being carried by a marine Triton to each side. The goddess is nude and sits with her legs crossed. Her arms are raised to hold her long, wet hair. The Tritons look up admiringly at Aphrodite as they bear her across the sea, which is indicated by horizontal wavy lines. The Tritons have long fish legs and are horned. They wear panther skins over their shoulders, which are tied in a knot on their chests. The young Triton to the right is beardless and holds a ship’s steering oar in his left hand. The other is older and bearded and holds an anchor. The image represents Aphrodite as goddess of the sea, in majesty, carried in procession by her marine attendants.

Found at: Atrium House